My Birthday Wish For You!

It’s a new year, and I am sitting here in the early morning revisiting my gratitudes for the previous year. I don’t necessarily do this at New Years. For me, the entire first week of January is a special time for me to reflect, digest, and desire. It’s my birthday today, and one of my favorite ways to reframe the previous trip around the sun is to list some gratitudes for the lessons and experiences from my previous year.

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. Resolutions trigger my inner rebel. Sometimes we want what we can’t have, so making a “resolution” to restrict anything (like food, alcohol, or fitness goals) usually turns into torture and isn’t sustainable. And where’s the pleasure in restriction?!  There isn’t any.  You know what is sustainable? Pleasure. Desire. Gratitude. I love teaching women to focus on their desires, to live in pleasure, and to be grateful for where they are at right now. I’ll tell you a secret too, right now is the only place that change actually happens.

So here goes. Thank you 2014!

Thank you for teaching me that I am as strong as I allow myself to be. This is true both physically and emotionally.
Thank you for teaching me about love. I am amazed and grateful for my hearts ability to feel and heal.
Thank you for the dance of emotions that is being a woman. I dove into this dance a little deeper, grateful for all of it.
Thank you for so many opportunities to practice letting go.
Thank you for all of the divine relationships in my life. I’m so grateful for my amazing husbie, he truly is my best friend and best partner.  Girlfriends are the key to a happy marriage, and a happy girl. I’m so grateful for my chosen tribe of incredible women!
Thank you for opportunities to be witnessed, both my light and dark, all of me.
Thank you for the times when I see what the world is full of compassion, love, and connection.
Thank you for magical moments. So many! So good!
Thank you for all that I received and was able to give.

I practice gratitudes, which are the key to abundance. Want to feel blessed? Count your blessings.

I also practice desires. I love sitting and going over my desires! Desire is the key to the heart… to knowing what your heart truly wants!

For this next trip around the sun, in gratitude, I desire:

More time with those I love. More laughter shared.  More touch and connection.
More time on the beach with my toes in the sand.
More dancing. More movement. More kissing!
More adventures with my favorites.
More delicious moments that blow my heart wide open. More healing.
More sparkle: in my eye, my life, and my wardrobe!
More strength — I determine how strong I am, I determine what my body can do.
More love — give, receive, be.

I am open to receive all that is mine. I let go of all that is not.  I trust that the best is yet to come. 

This year I invite you to do the same. My birthday wish for you is to love yourself where you are right now.  Self-love is a practice, it starts with gratitude and desire.  You are beautiful my friend, you are loved, and you are blessed!

Want a little practice with your self-love?  My FREE Facebook event, the Self-Love Soiree, will be starting up in February.  I desire for you to join me, to practice self-love for February, and to celebrate all that you are in sisterhood.  Magical things happen when we come together in sisterhood!

With so much love and gratitude,

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