Celebrate Self-Love Month with the Self-Love Soiree!

February is Love month. To me, all love starts with self-love.  You have to know how to love yourself before you can receive love from anyone else. I’ve taken this on as my personal mission as I teach women to love their bodies. It’s my desire for each of you to truly love you.  This is why I started my Self-Love Soiree.

My Self-Love Soiree is a sacred place for women to come together in community and practice self-love and sisterhood.  I know from personal experience that women don’t always support and love each other.  It wasn’t until I was well into my twenty’s that I found girlfriends who loved, accepted, and celebrated who I am.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the value of these amazing friendships for they enhance everything.  They make my life fuller, my marriage better, and motherhood so much easier.  Finding one’s tribe is a gift.  I can’t imagine going through life without my tribe of sisters that truly celebrate both my light and my dark.  They are a witness to my life.  They are my shoulder to cry on, always there to help me to see the silver lining, and are the cherry on top of the sundae of my life.

I started the Self-Love Soiree on Facebook so that other women can get a taste of what sisterhood can be.  Instead of judging, comparing, tearing each other down, or victim story topping, women greet each other with celebrations and heart felt experiences. This is a community of women that is dedicated to celebrating all things woman.  We celebrate our emotions, our bodies, and our lives.  We share our vulnerability and growth, and we do this all in sisterhood.

Over the years I’ve learned that two things have to take place for growth and integration to happen.  One, you become vulnerable and transparent about what is going on in your life; and two, you are witnessed.  When you open up and bare it all, you give permission for others to be vulnerable.  There is just something magical about being witnessed by your sisters.  Bonds are made.  Fears are shattered.  Hearts are opened.

This is how I do friendship.  This is my version of sisterhood.  This is how I see my tribe, and how my tribe sees me.

Words I wish all women would take to heart:

All women are beautiful.

Women come in many shapes and sizes.  All women are inately sensual.  We just are.  Knowing that, means that you are sensual.  Everything you do is sensual.  It’s who you are, and it’s beautiful. 

Women that compare, judge, and criticize are insecure.  What she says about you is how she feels about herself.

The women that need the most love, often have the most difficult way of showing it/asking for it.

Sisterhood means to include and celebrate instead of exclude and judge.

The media’s ideal of women is not reality.

Don’t judge, you don’t know her story.

We are all beautiful, even though some days, we don’t feel that way.

We are all struggling with something.

The girl that you are envious or jealous of has probably worked hard to get to where she is.  You can too.

Every woman has fat days.

You may have a bad hair day, but you never have a bad smile day.

A sincere compliment diffuses tough situations.

The Divine Feminine is both light and dark.  You are both light and dark. You are the Divine Feminine.

You are invited to join me and other women in sisterhood with the 21-day Self-Love Challenge.  This is a FREE event that I host on Facebook.  Together we practice self-love, being witnessed by our sisters, and celebrating in a community of women.  If this speaks to you, dive in.  We’ll be waiting with open arms.

 Some say that it takes a village to raise a child.  I believe that it takes girlfriends to raise a happy heart.   

As if the gift of sisterhood wasn’t reason enough to join the Self-Love Soiree, I’ve partnered up with some of my favorite self-love expressions and practices and have some delicious giveaways!  The details of how to win are all on the Soiree Facebook group.

I thought I’d start this week talking about adornment.  Jewels and gems baby!  Some days your body desires jewelry to express her beauty.  One of my all time favorite Jewelry Designers is Pound Jewelry.  Who better to adorn our beautiful bodies ladies?  No one! These magical pieces are unique, handmade, and all have special meaning and powers.  :)

I’m giving away a Pound Pendulum in Aventurine to one lucky lady.  Aventurine is a heart chakra stone and also the stone of opportunity. Becca Kannapell, owner and founder along with her amazing mom Linda Kanapell, shared with me that she likes to use it to open her heart to more love, more opportunities for abundance, or whatever she desires.  Pure magic, just like Becca and Linda!  I thought this was the perfect giveaway to kick off the Self-Love Soiree!  Pound on!

With so much love!


Pound Adventurine Pendulum

Pound Adventurine Pendulum

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