Feeling stressed and depleted? This one trick will change everything!

I’m sitting here hiding by the side of my bed behind a fort of pillows and a giant stuffed teddy bear.  Part of me is hiding from my kids, the other part hiding from my day.  Ever feel this way?  The overwhelm of life is just too much right now and I’d like to go back to bed, pause, or fast-forward until this part is over.  Ugh.

Life can be overwhelming if I’m not careful. Go ahead and ask my adrenals – they are good and depleted at the moment!

I am one of those women who gives all or nothing. This means that I give all my energy and time to too many things too often. I’ve gotten better at saying no to things that I don’t truly want to do or that deplete me, but I will still find that my little overachiever ego will sneak in extra tasks on my daily to-do list all the time. Sneaky little sneak!

A few months ago I had an earth-shattering realization that has since changed my life. I’m sharing this because it literally has made my overwhelm less frequent and my day-to-day task handling more manageable. I do this one thing every day and breathe so much easier.


I simply cross it off.  As in, pick up dry-cleaning… nope. Stop at grocery store…nope. Go to meeting… nope.

At first I was amazed at how much satisfaction and relief I received by simply checking one thing off to NOT do today. Now, it’s like a little game I play with my ego.  Oh yeah ego, you want me to go to Costco today?  Not happening.  Boom! I’ll eventually go when I run out of toilet paper, but I’ve found gobs of enjoyment by prioritizing me and fun over the “have-to.”

I’ve discovered additional time, more energy, and that most of the things that my little overachiever ego “has” to do… are not really have-to’s. They are all part of this elaborate delusion that I call my life.

Other words of wisdom that you may have forgotten:

Some days it is better to take a long walk with a friend and blow off everything else.

A nap is an act of love, to yourself and those in relationship with you.

Popcorn does count as a meal. Especially when you also eat a spoonful of peanut butter.

Relaxation is just as important as drive. We schedule work-outs, why not time to relax?

It’s all delusion.

Costco can wait.

Truffle salt makes everything better.

Loving you and your overwhelm,