Knowing a “YES” in my body, and my FREE Body Love Mastery call recording!

I taught a Qoya class over the weekend and am thinking about why I love to teach.  I love Qoya because of the joy that I feel in my body.  I love looking out at my class and seeing women smile all out.  I love seeing the beauty and diversity of what it is to be a woman. I love seeing joy embodied.

This class was the first in a 3-part series that I’m team teaching at Salt Lake Power Yoga.  The theme for this class was “wise.”  Through our movement, our music, and in sisterhood we explored and played with what it’s like to trust our intuition and the wisdom that is our feminine body.

Qoya is based on the idea that through movement we remember that as women our essence is wise, wild, and free.  Wise, wild, and free also draws from the movement modalities that we play with in Qoya.  Qoya draws from the wisdom of yoga, the wild of dance, and the freedom of sensual movement. It’s so fun.

Seeing the women in class dance to honor their intuition, to feel and honor a “yes” in there body, reminded me of my call this past Friday for Body Love Mastery.  We talked about the difference of knowing a “yes” or a “no” in your body.  I proposed that a body yes/no is different than a mind (head) yes/no. A body “yes” is expansive.  You might feel tingly, lit up, heart opened, and maybe a little excited.  I felt this way when my husband proposed to me in a 150 year old church turned restaurant in Florence Italy.  I felt “yes” again at the birth of both of my daughters.  The minute my little girls came into this world, the tears started streaming and I knew that my life and my understanding of love would never be the same. I felt a big body “yes” the first time I danced Qoya with Rochelle Schieck in New York City.  I felt a big “yes” when I found a certain pair of heels that make me feel super sexy. I felt a big “yes” playing soccer with orphans in Cambodia, which lead to a bigger “yes” to later enroll my bestie in joining me in Cambodia to build houses, export goods, and make a difference with some of the women who had left the sex trade for a better life.  My head doesn’t always have words for this kind of “yes,” but my body/heart always knows.

I also believe in honoring a body “no.”  These are easier for me to decipher.  A body “no” can be any other feeling other than described above. A body “no” can feel like constriction.  A “no” can feel like a headache, physical pain, anxiety, stress, or fear.  Sometimes we are so used to listening to our mind “yes,” possibly a conditioned agreement, justification, or rationalization, that we don’t recognize the body screaming “no.”

I asked the ladies on my call to try an experiment for a week to simply notice what the body is saying.  When thinking of any activity, relationship, food, clothing, etc.  – check in with the body and see what she says.  That’s it.  Sometimes we’ve been forcing a “yes” that is actually a huge “NO” for so long that we can’t realize why we are unhappy.  This happens in relationships that don’t feed and support our heart, jobs that are unfulfilling, with food that is not healthy for our body, clothing that doesn’t make us feel celebrated, and anything else we do in our day to day lives.

Do you know your body “yes” and do you listen to it?

I talk about this more on my call and would love to share it with you.  I’ve included the recording for your listening pleasure.



As promised, here’s the recording from my free intro call this past Friday for Body Love Mastery.