Meet Rhiannon


I teach women to love their bodies.  It’s my passion.  It’s my love.  Instead of continuing the message that we are not enough, that we need to be thinner, younger, more this, less that, essentially different than how we are, I have a different message. Love who you are RIGHT NOW.  Love the body you have RIGHT NOW.

My personal self-love journey began after the birth of my first daughter.  I experienced some health and hormone curve-balls that changed my life.  Motherhood was challenging enough, and now I had additional weight, body image, and hormone challenges.  I restricted my diet, pushed my physical limits, and was miserable with no real physical changes.  My body was not happy, and I waged war with her.  My inner critic was LOUD and always present.

Slowly, I decided that I wanted to try something different.  An experiment if you will.  I have a background in health and fitness, but what I had always done (restrict more and workout harder!) was not working, and was making me miserable.  I’d had enough.  This was a lifestyle change, not a new diet or workout.  I decided to start to love myself and focus on my pleasure.  I wanted to learn more about experiencing pleasure through food and so I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to learn more about bio-individuality and holistic health.  I wanted to experience more about pleasure through movement and played with many movement modalities. I learned to listen to my body and to let her guide.  I wanted to see if I could create a loving relationship with my body.  I wanted to do this for me, and also for my daughters.  Our children learn from who we ARE, not what we SAY.  I want my girls to love themselves.

Magical things happened.  As I loved the extra weight and my post-baby belly, the weight came off.  I felt better, I had more fun, and I experienced life in a way that I never had before.  I lived for me.  I loved for me.  Focusing on my pleasure brought me back to me!  I focused on food and movement that nourished my body.  I found Qoya, a movement modality that taught me that as a woman my essence is wise, wild, and free.  I certified in Qoya and started teaching this knowledge to other women.

I started sharing these tools with my nutrition coaching clients.  I started focusing purely on teaching self-love.  The results are incredible.  Whether it’s attracting a new job, lover, home, or experience… self-love is the key.  Self-love is the magic secret to anti-aging.  Want more love in your life?  More companionship?  It starts with loving yourself.  Want your body to be different than it is?  Love and celebrate where it is RIGHT NOW.

I’m here to celebrate YOU!  I’m here to say that you deserve to be an adored love-filled Pleasurista!  It’s time!



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